Sustainable Land Management Rebate Scheme

We provide eligible rural landowners with a rate rebate to encourage responsible land management.

Our Sustainable Land Management Rebate Scheme is an incentive to carry out and/or maintain land management works that will:

  • improve the quality of land and water resources
  • maintain or enhance local biodiversity
  • address land degradation issues such as weeds, pest animals and erosion

Eligible properties

To be eligible, your property must be:

  • At least 50 per cent of your property’s area must be in a Green Wedge, Rural Conservation or Green Wedge A Zone. Properties partly within any of these zones are only eligible when the area of the property within the zone is 8 hectares or greater, and when the zone covers the majority of the property. Find out which zone you are in through the Land Channel’s online map or call us on 9217 2323.
  • 8 hectares or greater in size, or be a collection of land parcels at least equal to the minimum size, which are in one ownership and next to each other.
  • Operated for commercial primary production (for example, registered primary producers), or managed as hobby/lifestyle farms or for environmental purposes (for example, bush blocks).


Rebate amount

  • For properties 50 hectares (approximately 124 acres) or greater in size, the rebate is 30 per cent of the general rate/farm rate payable on the property.
  • For properties 8 hectares (approximately 20 acres) or greater but less than 50 hectares in size, the rebate is 20 per cent of the general rate / farm rate payable on the property.



Click here to download the Scheme’s Guidelines


Applications open 31 August 2018




For further information contact the Land Management and Biodiversity Team on 9217 2323.