Have you spotted African Weed Orchid?

The highly invasive African Weed Orchid is beginning to flower through the Eden Park / Beveridge areas and now is the perfect time to correctly identify the plant and remove it. It tends to grow along roadsides, degraded pastures and tracks where is competes with native lilies, grasses and orchids. It doesn’t readily establish under tree canopy.

Fleshy leaves establish from an underground tuber in winter and flower from October to December. The orchid produces thousands of tiny dust like seeds which are spread considerable distance by wind and water.

African Weed Orchid sending up a flowering stem

Care should be taken when treating it to dig out all the underground bulbs. It is also known to grow in conjunction with native Onion Orchids (Microtis species) which is similar in appearance however do not have numerous leaves at the base and are more slender. Below shows the similarities between the invasive African Weed Orchid (left) and native Onion Orchid (right).


If you think you might have it and want it confirmed contact Mark Williams on 9217 2471 or you can email a picture to mark.williams@whittlesea.vic.gov.au


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