Update: Whittlesea Pest Animal Management (PAM) Program


Planning continues for seasonal pest animal control as part of the Whittlesea Pest Animal Management (PAM) Program. Here’s what’s happening;

  • Warren mapping was recently completed on 50 private properties, which will greatly assist contractors in determining the scope of rabbit control works,
  • Monitoring of deer and fox numbers along the private property/public boundary of Kinglake National Park is currently underway. Contractors are recording species, numbers and movements, which will help determine the effectiveness of control works on private property for mitigating fox and deer impacts on Kinglake National Park and Mount Disappointment,
  • Deer and fox control will take place prior to Christmas. Property owners within the target areas will be provided further details by both Council and the control contractor in advance of works commencing. For more information on Deer impacts and species identification, read our latest spring Rural News here
  • As per best practice guidelines, rabbit control will commence when numbers are at their lowest (late-summer/early autumn). More details on Integrated Rabbit Control can be found in the winter edition of Rural News here.

Neighbouring landowners are encouraged to work together, continuing their annual pest animal monitoring and control programs to ensure that assistance from the PAM project results in the most effective reduction in pest animal impacts. For more information, contact the PAM project lead Katherine.whittaker@whittlesea.vic.gov.au

This project has been funded by the Victorian Government’s Biodiversity Response Planning program and is helping to ensure that Victoria’s natural environment is healthy, valued and actively cared for.



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