Seasonal Weed Control – Autumn/Winter

The Land Management & Biodiversity team have been lucky enough to have Ben on loan from Councils Conservation Management Team over the Summer. Ben’s a keen botaniser and invasive plant enthusiast with years of on-ground experience in best practice weed management. Here’s some advice from Ben to help you get started planning your weed control over the coming cooler months..

Now that autumn is finally here after an extended summer, it is time to start thinking about weeds that will begin to show themselves with the changing conditions. We’ve finally had some rain, so a number of weed species will begin germinating and it will be time for weed control before you know it. Weeds that will begin to germinate with the autumn rains include Paterson’s Curse, Capeweed, Spear Thistle, Scotch thistle and Artichoke Thistle which are all listed, amongst others, under the Councils Pest Plant Local Law.

Depending on rainfall, seedlings and rosettes will be visible very soon, if not already. Early control as well as follow up treatment will be critical to stop seed set. Weeds such as Paterson’s Curse can begin to flower sporadically which means that seed set could occur sooner than you think.

Larger woody weeds will begin to become dormant as it gets colder so efforts on weed control are best focused on broadleaf weeds germinating over autumn and winter.

Plan your attack, look at what methods you want use and when. Talk to your neighbours. If they have the same weed issues, work together towards controlling weeds over the fence as well. Remember to treat any new weeds that appear on your property. Isolated plants can quickly become large infestations if not controlled. If you already have been controlling weeds on your property, keep up good work”.

If you need any further information on weed identification and seasonal control options, call 9217-2147.


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