Annual Thistle Education and Compliance Program Begins

As Councils annual thistle Education and Compliance program commences this week, we’d like to recognise the significant amount of work being undertaken around the municipality to tackle these pest species. For many landowners involved in the program, the advisory notices they’ll receive in the coming days serve simply as a reminder to follow-up on the previous years work.

Last year saw a number of large landholdings engage aerial-spraying contractors to cover large, dense infestations of Artichoke Thistle. While this method isn’t applicable in all situations, it allows good, overall coverage for land managers with limited time and/or vehicle access issues and sets the site up for strategic on-ground follow-up.

You may also have noticed by now the great deal of Artichoke Thistle control being undertaken by Parks Victoria staff at Plenty Gorge Parklands. We’ve been working collaboratively with other public land managers and larger private enterprise organisations to ensure they’re doing their bit to support the significant amount of work our rural residents are undertaking.

If you’d like more information about Councils Pest Plant Local Law or the Education and Compliance Program Procedure, visit this LINK.

You can find fact sheets for all prescribed pest plant species and a seasonal guide to weed control HERE.

For any other sustainable land management advice, or to report an area that may need attention, feel free to contact the Land Management and Biodiversity Team on 9217 2323 or 9217 2147.




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