Victorian Landcare Grants- Now Open

The Victorian Landcare Grants (2018-19) will provide funding to support community-based natural resource management (NRM) groups and networks undertaking on-ground works, education and capacity building projects to protect and restore our land and environment.


What type of grants are available?

Project Grants

Up to $20,000 may be provided to eligible groups and networks for on-ground works, capacity building activities, community education and engagement that protects, or improves natural assets such as native vegetation, native fauna, waterways, wetlands and soils.

Support Grants and Start-up Grants

Up to $500 may be provided to eligible groups and networks for assistance with costs such as insurance, incorporation and operational needs, or meetings and events or newsletters, websites and other communication materials.

Objectives of the Victorian Landcare Grants

  • To fund projects that address local, regional and state land and environment priorities through delivery of:
    • On-ground works
    • Capacity building activities
    • Community education and engagement
  • To sustain community-based NRM groups and networks by providing support and start-up grants, particularly for groups whose continuing existence will benefit from this support.


Click here for more information and to apply.



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