“Farma El Divo” Fungi Finds by Beveridge landowner Jess Hayward

After falling in love with our Kinglake view and our rolling hills sunset, embarking on revegetation grants and hosting many a “land warming” BBQ, I’ve taken my eyes to the ground. And there, underneath fallen trees and within hidden fairy gardens I’ve found the amazing array of fungi on our 50 acre Beveridge property. With my trusty phone camera in hand, clever hashtags ready and a not too precious wardrobe to get down and dirty with these precious porcini, these photos have made the cut, both here for this blog post and some for our Instagram page @farmaeldivo.

Further still, after joining in the Fungi Foray with Whittlesea Council a few weekends ago, I’m even more excited to seek, find, share and perhaps even identify some of these spore producing gems.

My favourite’s are the tiny little fairy houses in bright yellows and oranges nestled amongst the blades of grass, starkly contrasted with the giant “sourdough” loaf as we named it, and the clam shell shaped beauties against the trees.

There is something really special about fungi that seems to ignite the inner child looking for fairies at the bottom of the garden.

I’m looking forward to finding more and more types to share, now with some extra knowledge, as the seasons change and the property flourishes.

 Jess Hayward

Land Owner Beverdige

You can follow Jess’ Instagram at @farmaeldivo


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